The Cowboy Bunkhouse

Volunteer Program/Cultural Exchange

The Cowboy Bunkhouse offers a Volunteer Program/Cultural Exchange on a 'limited, short-term, uncompensated basis to qualified individuals.  You must be eighteen years old.  You must have valid form of identification.  You must have a major credit card.  The minimum commitment is two weeks and the maximum stay is two months.

In exchange for room and board, you will be helping with the following duties:

  • Unlock doors, turn on lights, strip beds, clean rooms, and start the laundry.

  • Empty the trash, clean the bathrooms, clean the kitchens, and work on improvement projects.

  • Prepare dinner for the staff, finish laundry, sweep and mop floors, turn off lights, lock doors.

  • Other duties as required.

You will have time each day to explore, hike, and meet new people.  You get a scheduled 48 hours off every 4 days, so some are on the weekend and some are during the week.  We can adjust that schedule.


Bring a hat for the sun, a jacket for the evening, hiking boots for outings, and sun screen.  It is best to wear t-shirts or other clothes that you don't mind getting bleached to work in because that does happen at times.  Comfortable, secure shoes are best for working in as well. We do not allow tank tops or short pants while working.  You will be given a badge to wear to designate you as a staff member.

You can fix yourself eggs or pancakes with supplies provided in the staff kitchen.  Dinner is prepared for the staff by those on the evening shift.  We all eat together "family style" because that is also when we have staff meeting and discuss any pertinent events, problems, changes to the schedule, etc.  For lunch you can eat leftovers from dinner, fix yourself something in the staff kitchen with supplies provided, or go out to lunch in town.

You will be staying in a private room or with the person you are traveling with. You will share a bathroom and showers with other volunteers and guests.

This program is a Volunteer program/Cultural Exchange program.  You will be volunteering and staying at The Cowboy Bunkhouse while you visit the National Parks in the area.  You are expected to visit and socialize with other international guests.  You will learn many things while you are here, but you are NOT an employee or taking jobs from local workers.  Please keep this in mind when you go through United States customs.

NOTE: We offer full room and board (meals).  We do not offer any monetary ($) compensation.

If you are interested, please contact us with your travel history and work experience.