From The North - Turn LEFT (East) on 300 North, which will be the first street you come to as you enter Kanab. Our building is on the left (North) side of the road ½ a block East of Highway 89 coming into town.

From The South - Drive through Kanab on Highway 89 and watch for the big church steeple on the right.  Turn Right (North) on 200 West just past Mountain America Credit Union. Drive up 200 West as far as you can go and you will run right into our building.  

The Cowboy Bunkhouse

The Cowboy Bunkhouse

"Cowboy"1) a person, typically one on horseback, who herds and tends cattle, especially in the western United States and as represented in westerns and novels2) a rodeo performer. 3) one having qualities (such as recklessness, aggressiveness, or independence) popularly associated with cowboys.

"Bunkhouse"a rough, simple building providing sleeping quarters.

The American Cowboy

The American Cowboy was born from the knowledge of the Spanish vaqueros, a surplus of manpower as the Civil War ended and the surviving soldiers and freed slaves sought employment, and an overabundance of livestock. During the war Texas cattlemen would turn their livestock free rather than allow Union soldiers to steal them.  When the war ended, cattle in Texas were selling for $2.00 a head, whereas in Chicago the same cattle would go for $40.00 a head. During the same time the Union Pacific, Kansas Pacific, Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe railroads were expanding to the West from Chicago.  Cattlemen decided to drive their cattle from Texas to the North on the Shawnee, Chisholm, Western, and Goodnight-Loving trails.