​How to get here:

From The North - Turn LEFT (East) on 300 North, which will be the first street you come to as you enter Kanab. Our building is on the left (North) side of the road ½ a block East of Highway 89 coming into town.

From The South - Drive through Kanab on Highway 89 and watch for the big church steeple on the right.  Turn Right (North) on 200 West just past Mountain America Credit Union. Drive up 200 West as far as you can go and you will run right into our building.  

Nine Js, LLC

Four factors played a role in the development of the American cowboy in 1865 after the civil war.  One, a surplus of man power; two, an overabundance of livestock; three, a desire for beef; and four, the expansion of the railroads.  

1) There existed a surplus of ex-soldiers and freed slaves migrating west looking for employment.  2)  During the civil war Texas cattlemen would turn their livestock free rather than drive it north and allow the Union soldiers to steal them.  When the civil war ended cattle in Texas were selling for $2.00 a head.  The same cattle would sell for $40.00 a head in Chicago.  Texas cattlemen decided to drive their cattle from Texas north to the railroads.  3)  The City of Chicago Illinois developed an insatiable demand for beef.  4)  The railroads were racing across the united states towards the west coast.

The Cowboy Bunkhouse pays homage to the cowboys, cowgirls, cattle trails and railroads of the 1800's.  Each room is named after a cowboy or cowgirl:  William Pickett, Frank Eaton, Pheobe Ann Oakley, and Myra Maybelle Shirley to name a few.  Each (north south) hall is named after a cattle trail from Texas to Kansas:  Shawnee, Chisolm, Western, and Goodnight-Loving.  Each (east west) hall is named after a railroad:  Union Pacific, Kansas Pacific, and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe.  Each room in the Kansas wing is named after a city where the cattle trails met the railroads:  Dodge City, Abilene, and Wichita.  Each room in the Texas wing is named after a city where the cattle drives began. Guests experience the west of the 1800's by sleeping in bunks, and sharing kitchen, dining, and shower facilities.   Come share the adventure!

The Cowboy Bunkhouse Hostel